Sunday, 26 September 2010

My friend Julie's wedding cake

Here we have Julie and Dave's wedding cake (another friends cake to do, one more left to go this year!) As you can see it was a simple design with fresh flowers on top. Again I loved making this one as Julie left me to get on with the design etc. It was the first cake I have made that has been displayed on one of these separator stands, to be honest I was not sure of them before the event but it won me over and I think it definitely adds impact to a smaller cake.

Karen and Darren's elegant wedding

This pic is of the lovely Karen and Darren's wedding cake and cupcakes. They got married in a beautiful ancient Hall with all there decorations etc being in the black and green colour theme which looked so elegant and fresh.

My friend Laura's Wedding Cakes

This is a pic of my friend Laura's wedding cupcakes that I made back in July. The wedding was a beautiful and truly individual day with the rusty orange and turquoise as the colours throughout the wedding which were stunning. I made 80 of these cupcakes with the exotic flowers and small roses on each of them. There was also a top tier lemon sponge which was iced in plain ivory and had rust orange ribbon wrapped around the cake many times which looked effective.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Campervan Wedding Cake

Sorry it has been so long since I posted some pics, but here we have a few from the past couple of months... This campervan wedding cake was so enjoyable to make as the bride gave me quite broad ideas and just left me to get on with the design which is always so exciting for me!
The campervan was made from Oasis florists foam which my helpful partner carved for me (he has a lot of practice as a budding sculptor) so I left this in his capable hands. I then just iced the Oasis as I would a normal cake and the results were great!