Monday, 1 March 2010

60th Birthday Grand Piano Cake

This really was a great challenge, I loved the planning and design stage of this cake right through to delivering this cake in the heavy snow we had a few weeks ago! Just in case you cant make out from the photo, there are a surf board, a cat and a book placed on the piano as they were all special to the lady who 60th birthday it was. I also iced in black icing 'happy 60th birthday' on to the black lid of the piano to keep it subtle.


  1. This cake is wonderful. It is work of art... Are you sure that it's cake??

    You did an amazing job Nicole, I love the surfboard and the little black cat, nice touches.

  2. Absolutely amazing - I can just imagine the time it took!

  3. wow! wonderful cake. i have been asked to make a piano cake this week for a friend and would love to know the details of how you made this. any chance you could e-mail me at thanks so much!